BRP 505
Burly rubber lined pumps are less expensive then more exotic stainless steel and high alloy pump for indentical service condition.
  • Simple external axial adjustment for impeller adjustments.
  • Centrifugal single stage / back pull out design.
  • Standard dimensions cut layout design cost.
  • Contact part are lined with hard ebonite (natural rubber).
  • Heavy and sturdy construction.
  • Pumps can be arranged for a v – belt drive or direct coupled from a motor mounted on a common base frame.
Sealing Options:
  • Gland Packing
Performance Data:
Model Suction
H.P. RPM Head in Mtr. / Cap. in M3 / hr.
BRP 505 50 38 260 5 1440 20 15 10 5
00 02 12 20

NOTE: erformance Applicable to Liquid of Specific Gravity 1 and Viscosity as of Water.

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