BSS-105 Pump
These pump are recommended for high temperature fluid transfer.
  • These pumps can be used by various industries for application as under:
  • Back pull out design, permits quick inspection or repairs of rotating elements
  • without disturbing electrical and piping connection.
  • A semi open impellers non clogging and handle light slurries without a problem.
  • Dynamically balanced impeller less noise and vibration.
  • Top centre line discharge self-venting casing arranged for back pull-out pully confined PTFE gasket.
  • Foot support under casing for maximum resistance to misalignment and distortion from pipe loads.
Sealing Options:
  • Externally Mounted Mechanical Seal
  • Gland Packing
Performance Data:
Model Suction
H.P. RPM Head in Mtr. / Cap. in LPM
50 40 180 5 2900 48 45 40 35 30 25 15
00 70 163 225 312 342 400

NOTE: Performance Applicable to Liquid of Specific Gravity 1 and Viscosity as of Water.

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