These pumps can be used by various industries for application as under :
  • Maintenance free pump. No need for gland packing and seal.
  • Leak proof pump can run dry without damaging to rotating parts.
  • The pump is not submerged type but can be mounted out side the suction tank in vertical position.
  • Vertical glandless pump similar in hydraulic design to any conventional centrifugal pump.
  • It differs in so far as it is restriction is provided to escape by way of an over flow connection
  • in the upper pump body and return to the suction place.
  • Few parts facilitate maintenance.
Performance Data:
Model Suction
H.P. RPM Head in Mtr. / Cap. in M3 / hr.
PCV 120 40 32 120 2 2900 15 12 10 07
00 10 15 20

NOTE: Performance Applicable to Liquid of Specific Gravity 1 and Viscosity as of Water.

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