PCX-170 Pump
Chemical transfer pump with head up to 49 mtr and for 2880 RPM motor.
  • Standard quality pump supplied with Teflon bellow mechanical seal and ceramic sleeve.
  • Model PCX-40 is high head and low capacity pump with 2880 RPM motor is excellent for vaccum ejector.
These pumps can be used by various industries for application as under:
  • Efficient for scrubbing corrosive and aggressive gases like Br2, Co3, Cl2, So2, So3, and L2 etc.
  • Used in continuous process in acid pickling liner in steel industries.
  • Used for re-circulation of chemicals in electroplating plants.
  • Used by dyes and intermediate industries for use against filter press due to high pressure.
Sealing Options:
  • Externally Mounted Mechanical Seal
  • Gland Packing
Performance Data:
Model Suction
H.P. RPM Head in Mtr. / Cap. in M3 / hr.
PCX ™ 170 75 50 160 7.5 2900 35 32 30 25 20 12
00 15 25 32 38 50

NOTE: Performance Applicable to Liquid of Specific Gravity 1 and Viscosity as of Water.

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