PCX-MB-120 Pump
P.P. Monoblock Pump With Mechanical Seal or Gland Type

We offer our customers a directly installed on the electric motor shaft Monoblock type P.P pump which are small and sturdy in design, Economical and highly efficient, Easy to use and needs very less maintainence.

The pumps are specially used for negative suction and are very effective for handling slurry or material with particles.

Also Ideal for transfer of corrosive liquid, chemical transfer & filtration, pharmaceutical products, food and dairy products etc. These pumps are specially designed with high capacity and discharge.

The pumps coupled with good quality of NFLP Electric motor with high quality Stamping which results in to great performance.

Applications :
Fumes scrubbing - Re circulation Process - Photographic Processing - Breweries - Perfumeries - Photographic - Tanneries

Sealing Options:
  • Externally Mounted Mechanical Seal
  • Gland Packing
Performance Data:
Model Suction
H.P. RPM Head in Mtr. / Cap. in M3 / hr.
PCX 120-MB 40 40 120 2 2900 18 16 15 12 10
00 08 12 20 24

NOTE: Performance Applicable to Liquid of Specific Gravity 1 and Viscosity as of Water.

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