Quality Policy

Our product Centrifugal type of Non metallic and Metallic industrial chemical process pumps are designed fully on AUTO CAD and manufactured in our own factory with strictest quality control on line and during assembly. Each and every unit is scientifically tested before delivery.

The pumps are available in different models to suit various industries. These pumps are of Polypropylene, PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride), Rubber lined, C.I. pumps, Stainless Steel pumps and Polypropylene Monoblock Pump. Any of the models are always available ready in stock to cater the urgent demand of valuable customers.


Assembly Section: Assembly room is equipped with all types and sizes of Hand tools and Hydraulic Press for assembly and disassembly.

Other facilities & Systems: The company has its own (1) Dies and Patterns (2) Drawings of all the components and (3) Jigs and Fixtures. These are all designed on AUTO CAD.

S.S. (Stainless Steel) Components: The company provides its own patterns for s.s. castings to reputed foundry. We use s.s. 316 quality of steel only. Each and every components are checked as per our own drawings and machined in our own workshop.

Casting Parts: The company has its own patterns for C.I. components which provides to reputed foundry. Every components then checked with drawing and machined in our own workshop.

Epoxy coating: Duly machined C.I. components are then 7 tank dipping and de rusting process Epoxy Powder Coated as per standard laid down by us under our supervision.

Metal & Non Metal Components: Shaft manufactured from proper and prescribed steel and Hylem Sheet machined in our own workshop as per drawings and under supervision.

Mechanical Seal, Ceramic components: Mechanical seal and Ceramic sleeve purchased as per drawing from reputed manufacturers. We use 99.7 % High Alumina Ceramic for sleeve and other ceramic parts.

Bought out components: Bearing, Rubber parts, Hard wares, Hylem sheet etc. are purchased of standard brands and from reputed suppliers. Bought out components are inspected by our trained staff before they are released for assembly/machining.

Assembly and Final Testing: During assembly, all the components are finally checked and assembled. The assembled pump tested for Hydro test at 6 kg/cm² for its capacity and on approving the same, it is then wrapped in poly bag and finally in wooden case duly bolted for dispatch.

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